Hi All,

I am looking for a technology platform that will support the onboarding process for the new joiners and will ensure the visibility for the Line Manager of where his/her new direct report is in the process.

The high level idea is that based on the selection made on the front screen, the content will be dynamically put together in form of the workflow containing specifc steps/materials that the new joiner needs to take/review as part of the onboarding journey. Particular steps/activities should be time bound.


Thank you in advance for your comments/hints on the potential tools/platforms that can be leveraged in this case.




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It may be worth looking at the CIPD HR Software show that is in Olympia on 18 - 19 June. Have a look at the exhibitors list and see if there is anything specific that may be of interest

Hi Marcin,

Our new learning pathway tool will do the things you are seeking, as well as lots of other stuff :-)

In fact we are just starting the rollout of an onboarding process for a government department using it.

Worth a chat to see if it does fit what you want when we get into the detail.

You can contact me at paul.matthews@peoplealchemy.co.uk

Cheers, Paul


Here at bromford we have just starte dto build our new onboarding site. We plan to delivery a varied range of dynamic content which explaion our culture and how the organsiation fits togther. The new colleague will have acces to all think new starte need and it will replace the compnay handbook. We will be including video message from key colleagues, games, and need to know information. We also will engae with new colleagues with managers through our learning community.  The platform is provided by a comapny call 'The Working Manager' who offrd a bespoke service. Happy to share - Matt   

Hello Marcin,

Maybe you would also like to look into www.learningplatforms.co

That's just co

If you sign up for free, you can trial it and then let me know what you think.


Hi Marcin,

we've just implemented SelectHR from a company called The Access Group.  they're going to be offering a new onboarding system in the next few months - we had one of their guys showing us a demo the other week. It's an online portal which the joiner can access to update their personal details, read relevant policies or documents and see things like their team's structure chart, etc.  The module is designed to work with SelectHR (the main HR database system they offer), but it may be possible to implement it as a standalone.

I know that the SelectHR system is capable of sophisticated workflows with multiple steps, deadlines and email notifications, so it's likely the onboarding module will also support that.

Up to you whether you want to check them out: The Access Group



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