Hi, can anyone recommend a reliable online psychometric testing site. I have been looking at Psychometrik and Central test, does anyone have any info on this site?

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Hi Michelle, I use 2 x normative tests for recruitment interviewing and promotion - the Advanced Sales Questionnaire and the Rapid Personality Questionnaire - on line from Kennexa - you can set up your own accoutn and self administer the process, results have a high correlation. If you want the Big 5 personality tests then how about this - completely FREE!!!! - try FindingPotential on www.findingpotential.com, - they are connected to Talent Drain. Great free resource - full reporting - they are also developing 360, recruitment sifting tests and others .Good luck Hilary Reen
Great, thanks for the info, the best bit is the FREE bit !!!!!!
Hi Michelle,

I too have used http://www.findingpotential.com/ and have found the reports useful - they've recently launched an "engagement" questionnaire as well.

Good luck.
Thanks Lucy. I'll definitely check it out.
Hi Michelle,

MindMill is a great tool, its quite unique, easy to use and functionally rich. www.mindmill.co.uk
Hi Michelle,

I would recommend Cut-e; www.cut-e.com. They provide web- based psychometric assessment tools and other talent management services and software. They have an excellent client base and references - I can vouch for their selection tools as I was recruited for my last job partly through their psychometirc tests and assessment centre. Good Luck, Evelyn Curtin.
Hi Michelle

I worked with APTER International http://www.apterinternational.com/ who conducted online personality assessments for delegates in a management development program (a prerequisite for all delegates to complete). Although they are not free :( they are cost effective and professional.

Hi Michelle

I have used CPQ (comprehsive personality questionnaire) for a long time and find it excellent. Participants can take it online and the results are sent to you. Reports for recruitment and for coaching. Very precise information on candidates for sales roles also. I have been an interviewer on the Irish TV Show "The Apprentice" and used the questionnaire for the final apprentices.

Sheena Clohessy
The Gallup Strengths Finder 2.0 is simple to take and relatively cheap and profiles out 5 key strengths which can lead to some helpful discussion.
Thanks to all who responded, must go surfing/testing now and see which one suits best.
Thanks again, it's great to get so many perspectives.



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