After recieving a grant we were able to set up an onsite learning facility offering literacy and numeracy. We have a tutor onsite 3 days a week in a great learning environment.
Usage has been very poor and I'm running out of ideas on how to promote it.
Has anyone got any sucesss stories they are willing to share.

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Have you looked into the ECDL qualification?

This is offered by the British Computer Society and is broken down into 3 stages; ECDL essentials (an initial 'intro to using PC's), ECDL Extra (a more general user level involving the various Office applications) and an ECDL Advanced level (which I can personally vouch for being very challenging!!!!)

Do you utilise traditional e-learning courses within your organisation? If so, perhaps you could persuade managers/team leaders to bring their people together in the IT facility to participate in the e-learning using individual log-ons (to track completion) but as a collective learning experience?

I'm sure you'll receive lots more advice from other L&SG forum users.

If the learning facility is for those with poor literacy and numeracy skills there may be barriers present such as the stigma attached to not being as able with these skills. Perhaps people fear if they are seen to be entering the learning facility they will be seen as weak, or not as good as the rest.

Maybe promote it by calling it a more friendly name. Reading skills could be tackled by looking at it as if it is a poetry or literature review class. Why not a Book reading group, where people have to read a book, write what they felt the message of the book was, and discuss it within a group. This would promote literacy, but would not be highlighting learning is tackling literacy. Literacy would be a skill you pick up as you work through a book.

Maths could be covered by making it more relevent to day to day activites i.e. understanding your payslip, working out tax, finance management.

These are just ideas. essentially covering the subject, but from a different angle.

Perhaps also encourage e-learning to be taken at their desk pc's or home with online support from the tutor would encourage more use as their would be some anonimity in its use.
Hi, you could hold an Open Day that includes workshops. You could have quizzes, competitions, family learning events.

Invite classroom assistants from local schools (in my experience many of them are still working on their Lit & Num).

You couldbtarget the parents of local schools by talking to the head teacher and requesting permission to publicise your centre to the parents by handing out flyers and using posters. Just a few ideas.




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