Hello everyone! I am new here and new to learning and development too!

I am on the hunt for some free or next to free learning management tools and Im quite impressed with efront learning - a free LMS however I cannot seem to install it which is a problem!

Im looking at anything easy to install and good to use. Can anyone recommend anything to me?



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I have a moodle installation hosted at Voxdomains.com - the monthly cost of the 10gb sopace I have is low (less than$4 pm) but what they do have is quick install available of a number of Open source tools including moodle. If you are happy with hosting in this way, could be an economic route.
They also have Elgg and Joomla btw.
Hi Andy,

Be aware that, for Moodle in particular, a low cost hosting solution like this is ideal for testing purposes, but will almost certainly not cope with more than a few users/courses.

You would notice this particularly when you try to run processor/memory intensive tasks like automated backups, grade book reports, quizzes etc.

I'm not knocking this sort of hosting. I use low cost hosting for a lot of sites, including a public-facing Moodle site - but only because I know it's going to get very little use.





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