Over the years Open Source LMS have always been regarded as being fit for educational, NGO and not-for-profit organisations.


These systems have been perceived as lacking proper structure with the way they're developed and maintained but with these LMS being offered as Commercial Open Source LMS, they are now regarded as serious contenders for enterprise-wide learning management (vs established players) for large multinational corporate institutions.

The key benefits include:

  • Freedom of Innovation - The code is open and there is the flexibility to build on best-in-class functionality in open source LMS to create innovative solutions for client specific requirement.
  • Low Ownership CostsThe zero license fees offers up to 80% cost savings than typical commercial system with comparative features, essentially enabling organisations to reap the benefits of high-end business tools for a much lower investment. 
  • Security & Reliability - LMS code and innovations can be scrutinised by anyone. There is a strong developer community that are quick to respond to security issues and other bugs. Open Source LMS implementation partners have dedicated resource that is constantly testing and enhancing the software.
  • User Network - There's a fast growing network of large to small sized organisations that have embraced Open Source LMS and implemented as part of a strategic solution for their L&D programme. This network provide a forum for sharing best practice and learning opportunities within groups with similar requirements or in similar circumstances.


There's a need to better facilitate the debate on whether Open Source LMS has taken its place in corporate organization’s learning landscape as well as being established as an effective and efficient technology in education and government institutions.

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Hi Olusesan,

You might find my recent post on Moodle in the corporate sector useful: http://www.learningconversations.co.uk/main/index.php/2011/10/20/mo...



Thanks Mark.



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