Does anyone have any creative ideas on how to introduce the organisational values to new members of staff to the organisation, which will be memorable and hopefully gain their buy in.


All suggestions gratefully received!



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Hi Liz

If your values fall into a model structure (ie something that you can make an image out of), you can turn this into a jigsaw that the group complete, but with space round each element for them to add what each value means for their job, so get them to put examples of how they would demonstrate that value in their own work

Hi Helen

Thank you for this suggestion, love it as it's also very active for the learners.



Hello Liz,

It is also quite powerful if the new members of staff can relate to the company values through their personal values. It might sound very simple yet it has proven itself time and time again to be very powerful.

An exercise around the values they find important in their lives and how these personal values can manifest themselves in the company could be a good ground for sharing, discussion and reflection. It keeps it real, doesn't create the feeling that company is pushing the values down their throats, puts it on a very positive context and gives an opportunity for the new members to place themselves in this new company. 

Kind regards,


Hi Liz

Everyone who has commented so far is correct in that, hopefully, candidates choose companies that have similar values to themselves. Realistically though, people these days are more likely to choose companies with good promotion opportunities, renumeration and/or interesting project value. In these cases people respond best when an organisation's values are closely aligned to their aspirations. 

One creative idea that you could use is to think about how individual aspects of the values impact what people do, and get them to adopt the values based on what they perceive to be of use to them. 

An activity that fits this strategy is to create discussion or simulation (simulation is usually more impactful) where 'negative transfer construct' leads to a psychological artefact that can be quickly replaced with the value you want people to adopt. Always do this is the scope of work and make simulations as close to actual work as possible. 

Hope that helps.

Hi Liz, I'm going to build on the great contributions made so far, and specifically Fiona's idea of creating personal contracts ("we will") and Ian's suggestion about communicating how values translate into personal experiences. I'm also assuming that in a high turnover scenario, your new hires are mostly Gen-Y and not that camera-shy.

The idea is to use peer storytelling. Take some of the more seasoned (whatever the average tenure is) employees and ask them to tell a story about how specific values have surfaced through things they do, either at work or elsewhere. In person, through video, it doesn't matter. I would prefer video (unscripted, visibly not professional but with good audio, short) to quickly build a collection of resources you can use during induction and later as a reminder or in a social learning platform. Ask them: "4 months from now if I bring a camera, what value do you think you will be talking about?" Take note, and in 4 months, do it! :-)



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