I've posted the paper that I used as the basis for my talk during LT2009.


Let me know if you have comments, questions, etc...


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Thanks George this really supports the notes I took. Can you tell me please what the software was that you used to support your presentation? Many thanks. Julie.
Hi George, thanks this is great and very different to Mind Manager which I have been using up to now.
Hey, George, thanks for this!
If someone wants to quote this paper, what format of working would you prefer ?
Hi Don - not sure I understand your question, but they are free to happily quote, use, etc. the paper for any purposes. I license my work under CC: attribution, sharealike...and request permission be sought before commercial use. Is that what you're asking?
Sorry, George, I wasn't being clear (although the Creative Commons point is well worth making). What I meant to ask was whether you had a preferred way of wording the reference, such as

'George Siemens, in his paper from the Learning Technologies Conference says ...',
'George Siemens, at #LTUK09 said...',
or whatever.

I'm not sure that it's terribly important, I just know that some people like these references to be worded in a particular way. If it's not a big issue for you, that's fine.
Thanks for this George. I was trying to describe your presentation to colleagues a couple of days ago, now I give them the opportunity to read you paper - much better than my (shaky) memory!
thx Keith. let me know if you have any comments/ques re: the paper



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