I'm currently working with a major blue chip client who are aiming to completely reinvent their fairly traditional L&D approach. They're interested in performance support tools and I wonder if anyone has any interesting and innovative examples that you would be happy to share with me? 

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Hi Sarah,

As you know, much will depend what they need support on. If it's generic stuff like how to be a good manager, then access to Google, Youtube and the rest of the internet would be my starting point.

After that, to provide an experience more customised to this target audience, I would put in a searchable website with a carefully designed information architecture to help people find what they need. It would contain useful info, as well as curated links out to vetted internet resources.

There are lots of ways of building this, but, for ease of deployment, I would use Grav (https://getgrav.org/) using the KnowledgeBase skeleton as a basis (demo: https://www.perlkonig.com/knowledge-base/)

A more sophisticated approach would be to use something like WalkMe (https://www.walkme.com/the-walkme-platform/) which lets you build help into any browser-based application.

Happy to talk further if I can help.

All the best,


Hi Mark, I really appreciate your reply and these useful suggestions. Are you at the Summer Forum on Tuesday, if so we could catch up there. Many thanks, 

Hi Sarah,

I'm afraid I won't be at the Summer Forum this year. Happy to chat on a Hangout or Skype if that would be useful.


Hi Sarah

Without knowing more it's hard to advise. If they have sharepoint then there is loads they can do with that especially if the more social aspects are employed. Outside of that of course are things like yammer, social cast. These are part of a solution but no means the end. Need to look at ways information is served up - push verses pull; Don't underestimate job aids, checklists and using people - super users for systems support  etc. Video, Youtube, user generated content?

Hi Julian, very kind of you to reply, thank you. I see you are based in Kilmarnock - small world, as I am currently in Stewarton! I live down south but spend a lot of time up here with my family. Perhaps we can arrange to grab a coffee locally sometime. 

The client does have Sharepoint, so good to know there are fresh options with that for their consideration. I agree with you re the usefulness of job aids, checklists etc - they may not sound exciting but can be just what people need to get stuff done. I like the super users idea, thank you. If you happen to have/know of any interesting examples  of PSTs in practice, that would be great too.  

many thanks


Small indeed! Happy to meet up - can show you what I'm doing in terms of SP and talk about how we use super users (and anything else). Message though Linked In if you want to arrange as I'm not on here as much as I should be! Sadly will not be at the summer forum or else we could have met there.

Bit of an advert Sarah so, forgive me but this is really good.

In-Application Performance Support has moved on a long way recently in not just being able to present in-application guidance but now, in addition, personalised, role based business support information. Take a look at the Assima  Performance Support environment, Vimago Assist (www.assima.net) and if you would like to see or, have your client see the system in action via a live demonstration let me know.

Best Regards

Jim Parish

Assima UK

Hey thanks for this Jim! I really appreciate your reply and it looks good. I have included in report to client and will let you know if demo required. 



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