I'm planning the Learning and Skills Group (LSG) Members' Conference on 9 June at Olympia 2 in London. This is the free extra day's meeting at Olympia 2 for all delegates who attended the 2009 Learning Technologies Conference.

Key thoughts so far are:

* Lots of interaction
* Lots of small group work - especially for groups already established on the LSG community site
* 'Birds of a feather' sessions where anyone interested in a particular topic/industry can gather
* More great speakers
* Long sessions that January to allow for more discussion

Providing this is going to require some creativity with the space available at Olympia, but don't worry, we'll make it happen.

What are your thoughts? How can we make best use of this extra day together? What are the topics you would like to discuss? What are the groups that you think should be represented?

This will be a continuation of January's event, drilling down in detail and practicality and establishing connections between delegates. The idea is to build a support network to help you meet your L&D goals in the rest of 2009.

Let me know what you think!

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I am very keen to see an interactive day. As it was my first time to the conference it was as Barry had suggested "brain lubrication" and was so full on I didn't have the largest amount of time to meet up with other delegates and see the exhibition.

As I am fairly new to the L&D sector, predominantly from a Computer Games/Software background, it is always great to speak to the real practitioners that visit the conference.

In terms of a session I would love to host one on game based learning (also a shameless plug for my interest area). I would love to throw down the challenge of "What is the most difficult/boring thing for new staff to learn about a new company in their first week...and how can we make that a game based learning experience?" - as I am keen to jointly work with people interested in seeing how far game based learning stretch beyond the obvious 3d Virtual Worlds.

Just my two pennies worth.



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