Hello, I am wondering whether anybody has experience of audio recording software which they have managed to rollout. Personally i have used Audacity but i am not sure that will be the simplest tool for others to get to grips with and i was wondering whether anybody has come across anything simpler?

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I've used Audacity in the past and got mixed results depending on the laptop we used but now use Apple's GarageBand on a Macbook with the Behringer Podcasting Kit. Garage Band is really easy to use, edit, add effects etc - much easier than Audacity. Yes you do have to export to iTunes but the inbuilt export settings make it easy to compress your file and you can find your iTunes folder on your hard drive to move the file to another location.

We use people in our business to record them. We have a number of people who do amateur dramatics in our company - they can put some energy and expression into the recordings, capturing regional accents etc - they enjoy it and we don't have to pay them!

Once you get some kit do lots of trials, recording with different settings, different voices and different rooms and get feedback from potential audiences to see what works for them.

Have fun!

I was wondering if anyone had put a paper together or business case for a pod casting software - we use audacity to record some audio and up load on to a MP3 players on a small scale however I'm looking to gain buy-in for a system that allows us to upload MP3 and then download to devices independently. We can then have an MP3 / Pod casts library and include things like business updates, telecasts, important messages etc as well as training content.

Has anyone got something like this within their own organisations?

Any help would be appreciated

Hi Mike,

You don't need anything complicated. There are three parts to the solution:
- Podcast creation. Audacity works fine, or GarageBand on the Mac
- Podcast hosting. You'll need a server somewhere. Not sure if it will need to be web-facing or internal only? If web-facing then you'll need to consider security. This server can also be used to host the podcast delivery tool (see below).
- Podcast delivery. Generic blogging tools like Wordpress do this admirably. Or you could opt for a specialist podcast tool like Loudblog: http://loudblog.de/ (both open source).


Thanks Mark,

I think the biggest challenge will be security and acquiring a server. We don't have many PC's that are usb enabled either so the challange will be how they can access the podcasts.

Could they just download the MP3 to there PC and listen through headphones rather than having it on a mobile device.

I guess this would be a good starting point

Yes, that's right. You can just listen to them on the PC. Systems like Loudblog also contain built-in mp3 players so you play it from the website.

It doesn't sound like you'll need a huge amount of server space. Do you have any contacts within your IT team that would give you some space on which you could set up one of these PHP/MySQL-based applications (like Loudblog)?

Alternatively, do you use already use Sharepoint or something similar? That would be a good delivery tool to use.

Funnily enough we have just starting using Sharepoint in another part of the org, wasn't aware you could embed audio in there or use it as an MP3 library! I will speak to the PM of the project as it's just gone from pilot stages to BAU

Excellent thanks for the info Mark - I will look in to the above and play around with loudblog

Hi Mike,

You can't embed audio to play in the Sharepoint page, but you can easily use Sharepoint's document library functions to hold the mp3 files.

Have fun!

Hi Amina,
We use Podium in our FE college. You can just create a single audio file or a full blown podcast. The interface is simple and there is even provision for a script if you have a group of students who wish to contribute. While Audacity is free there is a cost to Podium but it won't break the bank. http://www.podiumpodcasting.com/
Check out www.mypodcast.com ever so easy to use, the software for voice recording can be downloaded without even registering on the site, and is the easiest to use, saving as MP3 as opposed to .wav and having to convert. Click the icon, press record, talk into laptop mike/usb mike, click same button to stop, then save. And to use as a podcast as opposed to just storing the MP3 files, it is free hosting as well, although you may well have a 15 sec advert inserted in your podcast... welll, they have to pay for your bandwidth somehow. Plus storage of 10gb online.
Yes, I recommend using Audacity for audio and recording. Here is a link where you can learn more and download.
http://audacity.sourceforge.net/. It is actually much easier than others, and it allows co-authoring which others don't.
Be sure to also download the LAME MP3 encoder - which allows Audacity to export MP3 files.

Then I use PowerPoint and Movie Maker to pull it all together.

Hi Amina.

Sorry to split hairs but if you're wanting to create sound files then Audacity is the ideal solution for you (free software and easy to install) or if you are a Mac user then Garageband as others have said.

But Audacity is sound and editing software - brilliant as it is it doesn't allow you to easily distribute the sound file as a podcast - in other words a regular episode that you're recording and distributing to others via the web.

If you're wanting to podcast then I really recommend iPadio - it's a free web service so you can phone a number and use your mobile phone as a voice recorder or if you have recorded an mp3 using Audacity you can upload and create a podcast that way.

The great thing about iPadio is it is so easy and you can add a transcript of the sound file if you wish to make sure those who cannot hear it can still understand your message - and it gives you embed code to put in your online area, web pages, blog etc. Fantastic! (Click here if you want to see one of my examples)

Although I do use Garageband and this can help you distribute enhanced podcasts via iTunes I find I quite often use ipadio as it is so easy and looks good.

It's also interesting to listen to the public ones eg a recent expedition climbing Everest used iPadio to keep all their followers informed of progress..

Hope that helps



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