Does anyone know of any good podcasts about learning/teaching/training/development/[add own favourite word here]? I have searched online but can only find series aimed at learners.

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Hi Chris,

Some places to get started: - Management development - General stuff on L&D - Chief Learning Officer

I can highly recommend the first two. The others are relatively unknown to me.


Thanks for the suggestions, Mark. I'll load them all onto my Android phone and try them out.

Did you know about those four already, or are you better at searching for these things than I am?
Hi Chris,

I'd also suggest:

James Clay

I haven't been able to get them to play on my Android phone though; only via my laptop ;-(

Thanks for the suggestion, Craig. I'll add James's podcast to my playlist.

I use Google Listen for podcasts on my Android phone. It's been able to handle all of the podcasts I have thrown at it so far.

The only difficulties I have encountered are when people only publish an iTunes link, like with James's. In those situations you need to do a little digging to find the proper RSS feed; in James's case, it is .
Just downloading the Google Listen app as I type, thanks for the pointer..

I'll post on your original question later this weekend


Just thought I would restart this thread as a number of the suggested links are now dead or not being updated.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I'd add TalentCulture #TChat Radio - some of the audio is poor quality but the topics are usually good (

Certainly seems to be a space for some kind of Learning/Learning Technology news show though...

I setup a Google Docs list if anyone would like to add things they listen to:

The blog post with a bit more detail:

Very helpful, thanks Ian.

Engage for Success offer interesting podcasts. Not always strictly in the learning field, rather in the field of employee engagement, but an interesting listen for a sideways view. 

Additionally there is Learning Now Radio with Lisa Minogue-White which offer interesting content. 

Hope these are useful to you. 



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