Pre-induction and onboarding - good examples of using online methods

I'm currently looking at how the firm I work for can effectively include online methods to assist the pre-induction and onboarding process.

At the moment, we actually do very little; as a result, when we have new starters, they have to learn everything - about the firm, about the structure, about policies and procedures... and I know there has to be a better way.

Instead of diving in and making suggestions on how we can fix this, I thought I'd ask the hive-mind on here for examples of how this has worked for you - and how it's not worked!

Any comments will be very gratefully received.

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Hi Matt,

Typically, we throw the whoel manual at the joinee and expect them to "know" and find their way around. e.g. Leave and holiday applications - do they really need to know this the day they join? Are they planning to take a holiday already? :-)

I  believe induction information should be linked to the role and what they need to get started and needs ot be more 'reference and support' than learning.This allows joinees to access only what they need to know to do something rather than trying to remember where they read something!



Thanks Alan,

Actually, I needed the holiday information straight away! But I get your point. And I agree completely - it needs to be something that they can rely on to answer their questions as they come up, rather than bombarding them with too much information and expecting them to retain it from the outset!

Hi Matt, 

I found this Kineo webinar a useful tool to provoke some ideas.

Good luck!


Thanks Paul - I'll check it out!

Great link - thank you

Hi Matt,

If you are interested in using video as part of your induction and onboarding process, you might find our whitepaper useful -

I see from your profile that you are in the legal sector and we have some specific resources too.

Happy to provide more info, please get in touch  if you'd find it useful.

Thanks and regards


Thanks Seb - I'll have a look.

Hi Matt did you see this question about corporate induction programmes? You might be able to draw Some ideas from there:

That's really helpful - thank you Joitske!

Hi Matt

One of the things we introduced was a website aimed specifically at new employees - the stuff that they want to know like 'understanding your payslip', staff benefits, maps to various sites, occupational health etc.

Sometimes its hard to find the comfort/security enhancing stuff in the main organisational site and its good to follow up with new employees to ask what's missing from the site so we can add it in.


We're also developing a lot of stuff around moving the area as we are actively trying to recruit staff outside of North Wales.



Thanks Gwyneth, that's really helpful.

We're certainly considering a similar approach; I've been with the firm seven months and I know there's stuff I would have liked to have known before starting, so something like this would have been really helpful. 

What I'm currently looking at is using PageTiger to create an interactive brochure that would allow upcoming, new and existing employees to quickly and efficiently find the information they need. Similar concept, but using a slightly different tool.

Hi Matt, I recently completed a contract delivering induction for a mail delivery company. The material I was given about the companny was fine it covered the usual, customers, processes, health and safety. However there was no introduction to the online material or to the LMS. The most important issue for most of the delegates was how do I find out all the HR information, what do I do if I'm not paid, how do I get my uniform etc. As a result I felt they just didn't take in a lot of the welcome information. If there is no HR presence at Induction there definitely needs to be somewhere to sign post people to. I have also seen comapnies use a pre joining link, however, in my experience these either don't go to everyone so it's not consistent or it's not looked at before starting.



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