Pre-induction and onboarding - good examples of using online methods

I'm currently looking at how the firm I work for can effectively include online methods to assist the pre-induction and onboarding process.

At the moment, we actually do very little; as a result, when we have new starters, they have to learn everything - about the firm, about the structure, about policies and procedures... and I know there has to be a better way.

Instead of diving in and making suggestions on how we can fix this, I thought I'd ask the hive-mind on here for examples of how this has worked for you - and how it's not worked!

Any comments will be very gratefully received.

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Thanks Douglas, that's helpful information. You're exactly right - often the stuff that employees really need is hidden beneath reams of stuff that will be helpful at some point in the future, but not right now!

We do have an HR presence at induction, but as there's so much to take in on the first few days anyway I think it would be hugely beneficial to give people the opportunity to do some learning before they start - if they want to.



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