Dear Group, 

I am looking for a good training partner who can support my organisation with procurement / purchasing training. Do you have any experience with good partners?



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Hi Simone, not sure what level you're training will be targeted at, however we worked with SCM World ( on some projects and they have a lot of excellent material.

- Nick

Thanks. I will check it out. I am looking for training for our central purchasing team, so really tailored to everyday purchasing - negotiation, stakeholder management, pricing...   


We are in discussion with an e-learning company called Mitr Media who produce entry level short courses on supply chain management, setting SLA's etc. If you'd like an intro, please let me know on




Hi John, 

Thanks for responding and the offer to reach out to you. I am looking for training that is more advanced as my guys already know the basics. I will keep this in mind though for future training of different stakeholder groups and might get back to you on that. 

Best wishes from sunny Switzerland,


Hi Simone

I would highly recommend a supplier I worked with for several years. The company is Cordie Ltd and is run by Andrea and Ian who are both Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, both have extensive procurement experience themselves which really comes through in the training. I felt they were so good that I have taken them with me as a supplier when moving jobs. Website is mention my name they may even give you a good deal!



Hi Julie, 

Thanks for the advice. I will look into this. If I need to mention your name, I'll let you know. 

Best wishes from Switzerland.


Hi Simone,

I can see you're getting some excellent recommendations.  At the risk of giving you indigestion, I'm happy to add another:

Andy Haigh at Sixfold International,

His company and mine have partnered on occasions in the past and he and his team have been very successful in delivering procurement/purchasing training.  Feel free to mention me if you follow through.





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