I have been tasked with leading a work stream to build a products and services strategy for our L&D team. Our audience is mainly an estate of retail shops nationwide with a variety of roles to make up the shop floor team. Whilst I have my own ideas on how best to kick this off and what I personally think the end result could look like, I wanted to take the opportunity to ask a community of professionals for some input.

1) has anyone out there built a product strategy recently?

and if:

A) Yes, how did you go about it?
B) No, any recommendations on how you might?

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Hello Louise,
I would start by identifying the particular business problems that need solving for the potential audiences of the products and services. What are their business/productivity priorities, what's in place at the moment, what's working and why, what's not working and why. Assuming you have access to the audience I would recommend a phase of consultative discussions and/or surveys. Hopefully, there is also someone in the community here who serve a similar community and may be able to share their recent approach and also share upcoming trends. Making use of an existing training needs analysis is an obvious one, if been done, but perhaps a sample gathering could be a good indicator of identifying the needs from the ground/field.
I hope that helps a bit.
Hi Louise,

How weird?! I am just working on this today!

Perhaps we can have a chat?

Hi Karen
If it will help - I'm happy to get involved with this dialogue at http://connectnow.acrobat.com/abasiel
Please email me on abasiel@gmail.com to set a day/time. Or you can get your own free web conference account at http://acrobat.com
Dr. Anthony 'Skip' Basiel

Sorry for late response, havent logged in since lat week. Am more than happy to have a chat. When are you free?

Hi Louise
I have just been asked this question at an interview. My response was that a strategy needs to be top-down, driven from corporate / management needs (e.g. finance issues) but also bottom-up, informed by the stakeholders in the organisation and eLearning systems (e.g. learners, tutors, administrators, tech staff, etc.). This blended approach will help to get a meeting place in the middle. To do this a profile needs to be made of these stakeholders by doing a needs analysis or feasibility study. Hope this makes sense and helps. Do contact me with any questions or comments at abasiel@gmail.com
- Dr. Anthony 'Skip' Basiel



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