I've just started a new role within the organisation and one question I have been asked to look into is "What is Quality?"


As a TAP registered L&D professional and being part of a TAP Silver partner (and no I'm not trying to sell TAP!), I believe we deliver a quality service to our learners (both IT and Behavioural/Soft Skills), from design to delivery to evaluation to follow up. However the question has got me thinking and now I am wondering what else there may be out there. I know there is the City & Guilds and I discovered a website for The Training Quality Standard but it appears defunct.


It occurred to me that the members of this group will have plenty of ideas about what makes for a quality trainer and a quality training experience so I thought I'd tap into that rich vein of experience.


OK, my questions are:


1) What qualification (if any) do you look for in a trainer?

2) What methodology of design and delivery do you use?

3) How do you know that you deliver a quality service?


I'd really be interested in your reponses!


Many thanks


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I have to say I believe this simple question ("What is Quality?") is really difficult to address. Of course, if we're backed into a corner, we all have a fairly good idea of the response we'd give and the metrics we'd use.


But I'll bet a pound to a penny that the majority, if not all, of that response was related to conventional learning interventions that are longer than 1/2 a day in duration.


So I believe the real question is "what constitutes quality in the case if a learning intervention that is less than 30 minutes?" In all probability, we'd apply a similar response as in a longer intervention - and that would be wholly inappropriate. In all probability, the answer lies in the area of fitness for purpose - but that's still pretty subjective!

Thanks for your reply Alan. As I suspected it's a little like asking how long is a piece of a string?


In light of finding little else out there my opinion is to stick with the TAP methodology for design and delivery and to find a robust evaluation method


We have lots of new initiatives starting up using various different methods of delivery so it's going to be an interesting time!



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