Recommendation for a Project Management course suitable for someone managing elearning projects?

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Has anyone tried the Project Management Professional (PMP) offered by Project Management Institute (PMI)? I am contemplating whether or not to take it as IT professional take but I am not sure about its relevance to elearning projects. Some feedback would be very helpful. Many thanks.
Hi Kate,

I would suggest looking at IPMA, APM or Prince II, which are more recognised throughout the industry.

I've just completed developing a PM Capability Framework for an organisation for tier 1 ~tier 6 PMs with exceptional results.
If you require any additional information i.e. learning / working solutions, courses, books, etc, etc, please get in touch.
Thanks Denis, I have been looking at the APM Intro certificate as this had been recommended to me so will probably register for one of those courses. Is the additional info you refer to specifically for developing training/elearning projects?
To save you a few quid i.e. APM Introductory course I would suggest the following:

1. Purchase 'Starting Out in Project Management'
A Study Guide for the APM Introductory Certificate in Project Management 2nd edition ISBN: 1-903494-16-8 [ISBN 13:978-1-903494-16-5]

2. APM Introductory (Foundation Course)

3. Register for exam via APM website:
Strongly suggest reviewing syllabus, 'guide for canidates' and FAQ to assist you with successfully gaining certification.

This should give you a foundation and prepare you for APMP.
APMP (IPMA Level D) is a knowledge based qualification. Successful candidates are able to participate in projects from individual assignments through to large capital projects. APMP is a qualification recognised both nationally and internationally that successful candidates can carry from one job to another or from one industry to another. I would suggest a blended learning approach in this area and look to attend a course via one of the many accredited vendors to facilitate this course.

As Keith has suggested: there is nothing specific in the industry that will hone your PM skills for managing eLearning programme design / development. I would suggest that you become fluent and knowledgeable (if not already) with ADL, JISC,SCORM, PDR, CDR, PID, and write concise technical specifications for your projects to prevent project creep..
Hi most general PM courses will probably sufice. I've been a Prince 2 practitioner for the past five years, but bear in mind it's just one methodology, there are others which aren't as onerous (AGILE) and may be just as effective depending on your situation. I wouldn't recommend doing Prince 2 without doing a more general course first as the Prince 2 programmes are pretty much focussed on getting participants through the exams.

The key thing I've found in managing elearning projects, is to have a detailed specification for the work you want done & having this signed off by the key parties involved - that way everyone knows what the scope of the work is and it prevents "specification-creep" during the project.
Hi Kate, I think you need to be careful to differentiate between a useful course and a recognised certification. As far as the latter is concerned, if you are planning on working in the UK then PRINCE II is without doubt the way forward, although having studied booth PMP and PRINCE II I might argue which I would prefer and think is the most practical:) !
In terms of course suitable for managing elearning projects. Elearning projects should not be treated significantly different from any other development project and so any good PM course would work as well for an elearning PM as a s/w development manager. I have in-depth experience with the training provided by HP and can highly recommend their Race to Results Simulation as a fantastic way to start to understand and appreciate PM processes [].
Hi Kate

Another place to look - while it is still available is



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