Does anyone know of a good course/instructor who can do some xAPI training?

Cost/location is not an issue, I can travel anywhere in the world. I need to get under the hood of xAPI and I would value any input on this. 



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Hi Simon,

Could you give us a few more details about what you're looking for?

Do you need training for developers who will be implementing xAPI in some software?

Or is it more of a strategic-level thing - to understand what xAPI is, how it works, what it can offer and what you need to do to make it work for your organisation?

You might want to take a look at this booklet which we published a few years back:

If that's the sort of thing you're looking for, then let me know and I will be able to help. If you want more of a developer's eye view, then the documentation at and is the best place to start, and then get involved in the various forums online.

All the best,


Hi Mark,

Cheers for the response. It's kind of a combination of the two. I need to have a strategic overview but I will need to talk to some devs who are already a little bit competent but not 100%. I need to know what we can do as an organisation and then hopefully put the devs in touch with some finishing training so when get all of the things achieved that we want.

Will have a look through the links, I'm considering going to the workshop in Houston in April as I feel like I learn better through discussion and direct instruction.

Thanks for the assist!

Hi Simon,

The Houston workshop sounds like a very good idea. Let me know if I can help further though.

This video interview might also help:


HT2 Labs are very hot on xAPI. I don't know if they do bespoke training but they do have 'An Introduction to the xAPI' MOOC

Thanks for the mention Tess!

As mentioned, our guide there is certainly a great place to start. We also run a MOOC each year, Learn xAPI - and we've got a whole heap of videos like this one: 

Beyond that, we do on-site training and online training in a bit more of a bespoke capacity. I'd delver a more strategic overview and my product leads would be able to do a more technical / developer deep dive. We develop the Learning Locker LRS amongst other xAPI solutions.

We have a team of engineers based in Oxford, UK, all versed in xAPI and developing for xAPI. Give me a short at if you'd like to know more!




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