I'm interested in seeing if there is anyone out there who has already looked into this in any way shape or form. I've been using Google+ on a personal basis all the way back into its beta days.

Unless you have been on another planet for the last few months you may have noticed the Google+ Hangouts subject getting a wide airing. This is where Google+ folks can join together via webcam and meet up (or "hang out") discuss collaborate and learn in a virtual environment, a bit like livemeeting, (only better IMHO)

Hangouts is something we've as a team of education consultants graphic designers and media editors would like to use (within the confines of our team to begin with). We'd like to record the output from these G+ Hangouts, (with everybody's permission of course) and use them for later playback.

I have seen some general ramblings on the usual sites about recording hangouts, but just wondered if anyone had done any serious research into this - what are the "best" practices, what pitfalls, what software works best and any other words of wisdom.

I use a lot of the likely tools on a constant basis for media work. Camtasia, Screenr, CamStudio, Audacity and so on... and the first time I tried a record (admittedly I wasn't giving it full attention at the time and only grabbing minutes here and there between other jobs) it didn't pick up the audio of the other speakers.

  • Not interested in streaming our hangouts to anyone, just recording them for later playback.
  • No more then ten folks on each hangout,
  • realise G+ can now offer Hangouts on Air to folks (by invitation only) but not interested in publically blasting these hangouts to the wider world, just internal ("circle") only.

So has anyone gone into this in any great depth? Want to share and / or comment / advise?

Any comments / suggestions most welcome.


Thank you.

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