I am researching responsive design e-learning authoring tools. 

So far, the following are on my list:

Adobe Captivate 8

Claro Flow by domiKnow


Adapt learning (due to be release end of 2014)

What other tools should be on my list? Do you have any experience with any of these tools?

Thanks for your input,


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Hi Kerstin

Thanks for the info on Adapt, I have not seen that before. I just had a demo of Adapt and its interesting to see they have scrolling.

We are developing a mobile (HTML5 responsive) web-based admin solution that includes a built-in  function to create responsive course content and tests. The solution includes course/test admin, tracking, company/academic accounts (each with their own delegates) and ecommerce - so it's also possible to sell training subscriptions/licenses or use it internally for an organization with no payment for courses.

We have this in beta with a couple of clients and planning to have it completed early 2015 (Jan)



Thanks, Russel. What is the name of the admin solution? Any update on its current status? :-)

I have access to the beta of the Adapt tool and it is a very simple to use tool. The main key is planning and storyboarding, making sure you have your content ready before you start building.

All the work needs to be done before you start to build, assembling it is the last part of the process.

A new version of the tool with a load of enhanced components is due early in the new year.



Hi Kerstin


I have good experience of Captivate 8 and Adapt. 


Captivate 8 creates HTML 5 output but it uses lots of images and doesn't output scrolling pages that are optimised for web. You define different breakpoints and rework your content based on a set of device widths. If you have a particular device size that you're aiming at, want to produce content for a tablet and add more interactivity then it’s a maybe. Other Adobe Creative Cloud software is best suited to building responsive scrollable web pages.


Captivate is great for importing PowerPoint but I particularly like to use it to create videos (which works across all new devices). I have used it for years for interactive systems training but only output this to Flash.


For true multi device responsive output Adapt is a super future tool. I have heard the release (sometime this year) will be a cut down version (really aimed at developers). I have hand built content using the current Adapt framework but you need to learn how to use command line tools and edit the JSON files.  The authoring tool will require a sever environment running the right software. I really love the optimised HTML output that Adapt produces. It keeps file sizes smaller and is great for mobile scrolling. If costs are an issue then Adapt is Open Source.


For L&D it will be quicker if SME's and learning professionals can use an online collaborative authoring tool to develop content. You would need roles and permissions,  Adapt may take a while before this is possible. 


I would like to hear views from people who are using Claro/Gomo because these seem to be ahead at this time.



Thanks, Howard. Your input was really valuable. I guess Adapt is not really the solution for us right now. 

Just like you, still curious on user experience regarding Claro and Gomo. 


Hi There,

Mohive by Crossknowledge is a rapid authoring tool worth looking at.  Has a lot of useful features and also has HTML5 support.

Hope that helps





I can recommend a new online authoring tool: www.tuedu.eu

It's very simple to use and includes lots of built-in materials such as graphics, music etc. You create course content online, and then export it to the HTML or SCORM format.




Thanks for your comment, Rafal. I have tried Chrome and IE, but your link only opens a blank page?



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