Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a web-based tool that allows people to send out a standard form to their colleagues/managers to rate their performance?

I know I saw one a few months back that was a website where you provided a set of email addresses (your manager or your team) and it sent a link to a form for those people to fill in anonymously.



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Hi Mark,

Have you tried

I have just purchased the 'Pro Version' for use in my organisation, however the free version has almost as much functionality and I'm sure that it has a 360 degree type of survey as standard.

Let me know how you get on?

Hi Craig,
Yes, I did think about SurveyMonkey. If I can't find this other tool, then that (or SurveyGizmo) is probably where I'll end up.


Hello Mark,

Google Form could be the tool for this, it is part of Google Doc web apps. I've been trying it out recently with good results. It's easy to create the surveys/forms and all the information goes back to MS Excel where you can save and analyse it, from here you could export results to any of the MS Office apps. There a alot of online tutorial (podcasts) for this app.

Kind regards,
Hi Sid,

Yes, I've used Google forms. It might work. But the tool I'm thinking of is more centralised - with a central database of questions.

Thanks for your help though.

I can recommend Questback. It's easy to use and you get a integrated analyze- and reporting tool. You can upload email list with your respondents or just publish the survey and send out the link.

Thanks Jonas,

I think I've found the sort of tool I'm looking for: http://rypple.com/

Although this provides qualitative rather than quantitative data. If there's another tool that lets the company create a set of questions, that individuals can then send to trusted colleagues then let me know.




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