I have a produced a few short videos as part of a blended learning offering and am now looking to enhance my skills in this area.

Could any LSG members recommend a suitable training course for this? I would be particularly interested in learning more about lighting and working with green screen.

Many thanks in advance


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I did an excellent two-day workshop a couple of years ago with Video Arts, http://www.videoarts.com/workshops/, which gave me all I needed to get started - we certainly covered lighting although I don't remember anything on green screen.


Hi Sarah

Thanks for the recommendation - I've been and had a look and this course looks like it would be a great help.

I'm currently going through a green screen course on Lynda.com - so hopefully that will cover that particular aspect.

I'm hoping to have a chat with someone from Video Arts later today to find out more!

Thanks again


Going back a bit but I did a great course at Leeds Beckett.  I think they still do a short course (4 or 5 days).  Might be worth a look.  We definitely did lighting, sound and editing.  Can't remember if we did green screen but won't hurt to ask.

Thanks for this Elaine - I will have a look at Leeds Beckett.

Hi there,

I teach one-to-one photography and videography. Where I find people benefit most is when they have completed some level of training, or have reached a point experimenting and need specific areas covered rather than a broad stroke course. 

Happy to help if I can.

Sean - brosnanphotography.com

Thanks for this Sean - your website looks fantastic, by the way.

I shall have a chat with my line manager...

I've not tried any of their courses but Adobe Education Exchange have a number of resources and courses to help teachers develop their multimedia skills. So assuming you have a Creative Cloud membership, you might want to sign up. (https://edex.adobe.com/)

The MOOC-like courses tend to be timetabled throughout the year but it does seem as if there's currently a Digital Video one on offer:

Thanks for this Jerome - I've now signed up for the MOOC in May



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