I'm currently exploring ways to use our existing Sharepoint platform for (internal) learning and collaboration - we also have have the Podcasting Kit for Sharepoint installed. I've tried a couple of times before and have now found a helpful and friendly IT bod to help me take it further.

I want to use it to push small chunks of learning (video, audio, documents, etc), to enable collaborative discussion around content, and wiki functionality for hints and good practice guides. Also interested in subscription and UCG.

I know about BT's Dare2Share project but need some initial practical tips on how to get started and things to avoid. 

Would love to hear from anyone willing or able to share lessons learned.

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Hi Katherine,

Before you get all excited about getting a reply so quickly, I have to admit to having no experience, but like you I am very keen to find out more.

I was impressed at the BT Dare2Share project, but again like you need a 'starting point'.

I'm sure that there will be some L&SG member out there who can point us in the right direction.......

Thank you Darrell - I'm looking for a quick launch but appreciate the prompt about focusing on the next phase. 90:8:2 sounds like an improvement on the 90:9:1 figure which I've been using :)

What type of content have you been working with and have you gone down the user generated postings route?
Hi Katherine,

My current thinking would be that Sharepoint is not a good place to start, unless you want to bring in some Sharepoint experts who will help make it do what you want. In my experience, what you're looking for isn't possible out of the box. But I'm prepared to be proved wrong.


Hi Mark,

Agreed that Sharepoint might not be my first choice either but...it is available to me, and, crucially, there is some expert capacity available now - hence my desire to move quickly. I'm working up a list of musts and nice to haves - always worth having something to negotiate with and I am prepared to be a little bit flexible. I'll keep you posted.

Many thanks
Hi Katherine

Using sharepoint as an interactive communication tool between the programme manager and the trainees and between the trainees works very well as it offer felxibility to all actors.
You can use sharepoint before, during and after the Learning event.


My experience with sharepoint is mostly as a user but also managing a working group within it. It was wrought with difficulties and the lack of compatibility with browsers other than IE caused a lot of problems. Speed was another huge problem but that might have been entirely the fault of the server. But it's something to consider when you're getting ready to put on a lot of large content. Good luck!
Hi Katherine,

I think a few people have been inspired to look in to using Share Point. I've recently created a site with the main aim being to bring my team closer together in the way we work and to build knowledge of collaborative learning amongst team members.

We already have used NING as a more social network so the team are familiar with blogs and discussions although as this network has sat outside the firewall we haven't really been able to use care free and really post anything too work related.

Ideally I'd love to be able to create (even a small) what Dare2Share provides but we are nowhere near that in so many ways. However these are the ways we are using it within our means.

We're using the meeting workspace as a means to organising meetings - no other communications are sent out so people have to use the site

We've started building a wiki library so the first two were on how to deliver a successful webinar and the other is to record an audio using Audacity. One of the more tekky members of the team has embedded an animated GIF in the wiki to bring it to life.

We're definitely going to use this to manage projects and use the document sharing facility and use the blog function instead of giving project updates. We're also going to use the discussion board to generate ideas for continuous improvements, how to embed and also how we can start to engage the business and start using this platform to support learning solutions pre and post event. Access is an issue though.

I wasn't aware of the 90/8/2 rule but this makes a lot of sense to me and explains why most of the networks I've been involved in are very difficult to embed - I think if it's work related you have to try and make it part of the work rather than something that is viewed as an extra.

Would be great to follow how you get on and continue to share
I too am just starting to set up some social learning using Sharepoint - because we have it! In the first instance I am thinking of setting up somer 'on demand' library items and then some discusssion groups to support various business activities so I too would welcome any hints and tips that more experienced users have to offer.





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