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Thank you to all L&S group members who took part in the TM learning technology benchmark.


Over 350 organisations have invested time in this industry benchmark review and we will be spending the summer analysing the results. 


A free report of the important findings will come out in the autumn and we want it to be as useful  as possible for anyone implementing technologies in the workplace.


Before we start number crunching, we'd love your input on what you would love to see in the report - what evidence do you need to help you build your business case? Would you like to see proof about what technologies are actually being used ( vs those being hyped?!) How about evidence of efficiency benefits or business impact? Is social learning taking off or just a promise? Are you alone in some of the barriers you face? How have others overcome them?


We have had tremendous industry support in preparing this review (thank you to Don Taylor on behalf of the LSG and everyone else involved!) We wanted to ensure that the research covers the hottest topics and useful independent source of practical evidence and ideas.


But your feedback on what you need this report to do for you is the most important thing!


Please let us know  below or email us at


many thanks




PS There is still time to take part - everyone taking part in the actual review also receive their own personalised report looking at their performance indicators and how to improve the impact of learning technologies. This will be sent out early in September - if you are responsible for implementing learning technologies in your workplace, it's not too late to take part at
The benchmark now closes midday on 6th August.

PPS if you haven't seen our reports before you can download the previous benchmarks at


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