There's been quite a bit of chatter about Social Media Fatigue (SoMeFat) recently on some of the sites I connect with. I took a break from all forms of Social Media at Christmas and having rethought my approach I now feel much more able to cope with the volume of interesting stuff that is shared, as at the time I was struggling to keep up, and I wondered if I was alone in feeling overwhelmed.  To me that's what Social Media Fatigue is, but is that what everyone else sees it as?


Has anyone else had experience of it, and if so, what were the symptoms and what did you do to overcome it?


Thanks in advance.



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Dave this is so true "I still find it ironic to call this technology 'Social Media' when you can watch people sat in groups who are so busy texting or micro-blogging that they barely acknowledge the existence of the friend/colleague across the table - I guess they could be tweeting each other?!"


I had a Twitnic on Monday (yes a Twitter picnic!), I converted two of my 'Facebook fanatic' friends to Twitter and they spent the entire time Tweeting me instead of talking - I only have myself to blame :(
Perhaps I'm being too critical of the people I see then Samantha - they're obviously having Twitnics! ;)
In the interests of avoiding SoMeFat, I'll admit I haven't read every word of every reply on this thread... I follow quite a few people on Twitter, many of whom have overlapping interests and retweet the same stuff anyway. I've taken to using Summify ( - it sends me a daily email with some of the main stories from the people I follow in Twitter.

The main time-mangler for me is RSS. No matter how often I cull the number of feeds I follow, there always seems to be an intimidating number of unread items (presently it stands at 1160!). One option I'm looking into is using Yahoo Pipes to filter them by keywords. Thus far my approach is to periodically mark everything as read and start again. I take a couple of weeks off SoMe occasionally too.

I use Diigo to bookmark and annotate interesting articles and usually spend a couple of hours a week going over the previous 7 days' collection filtering the useful from the merely interesting. As others have said, I'm looking for input that will improve my output.

SoMe offers a route to the current thinking of the most celebrated professionals in my field - or at least the ones who blog and tweet - and the alluring prospect of engaging them in discussion. However, I find that trying to 'keep up' eats into time and energy that I need to be creative and productive.

Speaking of which, got to go....



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