Soft Skills - e learning courses - can anyone recommend??

So, I have a colleague based in Hong Kong who works on the ICT helpdesk. He would like to develop his presentation and delivery skills as he feels he does not get much respect from the end users within his office however due to budgets and my lack of soft skill training experience, I cannot fly out to him and offer this and also we are undecided as to sourcing a local trainer there. I wonder if anyone has any experience of a company who offers such as course as e-learning? I am happy to mentor my colleague and assist him through this but for a quick "tips and tricks" form of learning, we feel this may be ideal. Does anyone have any recommendations of courses I can investigate now?

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We have an elearning course called Persuasive Presentations which we have on license from Skillboosters. My contact at Skillboosters is Peter Thorpe.
In addition to Skillsoft, you could also consider Harvard Managementor - they are the top end of the market, extremely effective packages, that also "lead" on to sources within the Harvard organisation, which is really useful.



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