I'm currently looking for some reliable software that can be used for testing users and exams.  The questions, answers, information, scenarios etc would be input by one person.  Users would then log-in to the software and take an exam on a given subject or topic.


Ideally the software would deal with both written questions/answers, and interactive questions/answers whereby the user would have an active session of, for example Microsoft Word, running and would click the mouse, select menus, dialog boxes etc to answer the question or get to the correct end result.


I was just wondering whether anyone had any good experience with such a product?


Many thanks in advance.



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Have a look at a company called Questionmark, they do a great tool called Perception. This tool lets you do surveys, exams, tests etc. Its really flexible.

Hi Helen not sure whether this would be useful but I purchased online courses to support the MOS Qualifications in Word, Excel, and Powerpoint on a specialist or an expert level. I also purchased the practice tests which were interactive whereby you are given scenarios, and it will tell you if you got the task right and you can ask it to show you how to do it. Users then took the exams externally through QA in Birmingham, the courseware and tests are available from a company called Measureup.

Hi Helen, I have used an assessment tool created by a company called Robiac (www.robiac.com) in Ireland. This allows you to create evaluations, surveys, have multiple answers types etc. It is also built so that the tests can be done remotely or on-line and collated by an administrator in a central location. I have had experience where the assessments were performed in India and the results are collated in Ireland within minutes. The contact person is Brian English +353 86 8030443 - he is the company director.
Best regards
Hi Helen,

This is something that we have investigated. We were in talks with a company called 'The test factory' they specialize in testing and surveys. They were, however, out of our price range on what we were looking at spending at the time but the service they were offering was very good.

The web address is: http://www.thetestfactory.com

Kind regards

Hello Helen,
I would go along with Melonie and suggest QuestionMark Perception. Perception has over twenty question types which can be used in a variety of ways to make the assessment interesting and informative.

Kind regards,
Hi Helen

You will have more success looking for software to satisfy your first set of needs. Authoring (local or remote) with a range of question (item) types and the creation and delivery of online tests. There are many products out there and others have indicated some of the market leaders - QuestionMark Perception, The Test Factory, BTL Surpass Suite, Robiac, Televic etc etc.

Your second need is far more specialised and although there are solutions around for OCR CLAiT, Microsoft MOUS and ECDL in my experience these have been bespoke customised solutions produced by elearning/e-assessment companies. I am not aware of any solutions that allow authors to generate such scenarios out of the box themselves.

You may also want to try posting your question to the e-Assessment Association to see if they can offer help in such a specialised area.





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