I have been asked to source off the shelf numeracy (specifically weights and measure based) learning packages for PDA's. I have had a real search around and contacted several companies, with only one actually coming back with something.


Has anyone seen anything which may fit the bill?


It looks like there is a real gap in the market for mobile device learning content... if anyone is looking for an opportunity, I think there is a real one here.





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Have you had a look on the Molenet site, there is lots of content there for Mobile devices. Not sure how much there is for numeracy but could be a good starting point.

Hi Shirley,

Thanks for the information, I had taken a look around this site but will revisit it.

Many thanks,
Have you tried this website http://www.aloscotland.com/alo/CCC_FirstPage.jsp ? You might find what you're looking for there - and perhaps some other useful stuff. It's one I used quite a bit in a previous job.

Linda Walker
Hi Linda,

It looks like a very interesting resource, many thanks for sharing.

learndirect have developed an excellent iPhone app on basic numeracy. Epic have developed one for military on Nintendo DS - both good.

Donald Clark



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