Hi All

Would appreciate any leads to development LSG members have participated in or delivered that focus on:

  • elearning -  creation skills (design & development)
  • Professional - strategic leadership/management of learning modernisation/implementing learning technologies (qualifications??)
  • Programmes - aimed at bringing old school training departments into the 'new age'


Thanks in advance



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Hi Gwyneth,


I think that many people in this community will agree that you've asked one of the $64 000 000 questions, so I've no doubt that you will receive a LOT of replies, but in the meantime here's my contribution:


  • elearning -  creation skills (design & development) - Be clear about what you mean when you talk about elearning. Do you mean self-paced, 'click next' type elearning? Or do you mean anything and everything that uses technology to enhance, enrich and smarten up the way content is delivered e.g. podcasts, video, wikis, forums (such as this), the use of mobile devices, social media etc etc as well as the self-paced, click next stuff? I'm suggesting this because many, many, many people (even those within our own Industry) still default to the self-paced visualisation of elearning when it is mentioned to them - this is why I believe that it is important to be explicit (both to yourself and others) about what you mean by 'elearning'.
  • Programmes - aimed at bringing old school training departments into the 'new age - I think that any formal programme will be less effective than a 'modelling' of the way(s) in which 'old school training departments' can be brought into the 'new age'. Start to identify any quick, cheap accessible ways in which you can start to use technology to smarten up the way you do things. I'm facilitating a free webinar on 03/11 http://learn.gototraining.com/forms/03Nov11-EMEA-G2T-WBR-L?ID=70100... which might well give you/your team some food for thought in this area. Also try and take a look at what your competitors/rivals are doing if they are using tech then what better incentive? If they're not, then why not make sure you put a bigger gap between the two of you?


Hopefully my ramblings have made sense and I'm sure that others will throw their thoughts in too



Hi Craig

Thanks for the links. V helpful!

I know, I'm being vague...! Its a clean slate I guess in terms of the elearning. Its knowing where to start.  We have some self paced stuff but need to know more about developing the skills in house for the 'anything and everything'. 

Very small team (newly appointed) driving the learning modernisation agenda in a very big organisation (18k staff) so we need to change hearts, minds and skills of existing training staff to help deliver changes.

There is a national programme of change for NHS Wales but also local demand - which will  feed back into national work.

Happy days :-)

You're very welcome.

*If* you've got the budget I would seriously reccomend taking a look at www.elearningnetwork.org I becqsme a member about 18 months ago & it has been very, very useful in terms of my own CPD in this field.

If you wanted to attend a 1 off event they have one running a week today, might be of interest?

Most helpful. Thanks so much.

Me again!!!


I've just realised that your NHS, so why not consider attending (and dragging your team to) this event http://www.epic.co.uk/news/press-releases/epic-to-stage-forward-thi... to open their eyes and maybe inspire them further?



Hi Gwyneth,

You might find this guide from Brightwave helpful too: http://www.brightwave.co.uk/practical-guides/27-ways-to-leap-over-e...

Good luck!


For my contribution to the discussion, I'd like to focus on the vision rather than the detail:-

1. I've been fascinated by the Gartner quote that "the next big hit for the internet will be L&D; and, just like Marketing before them, they won't get it. This is prescient because e-Marketing changed the marketing model, from one of pay upfront and get variable results, to one of pay per click. Because the model changed, people didn't "get it". So the obvious question, how have learning technologies (not just e-learning) changed the model?

2. I believe the answer to that is that concepts need to be learned through a formal learning intervention, whilst everything else should be learned informally - through learning technologies.

3. Therefore the key issue is not one of

  • how can we use learning technologies to replicate the classroom? (the focus of most e-learning), but one of 
  • how can we use learning technologies to maximise the effectiveness of skills transfer?

4. And, as a result, the key issues that need to be considered are:-

  • Blended learning is a blend of formal and informal;
  • Delivery is based on learner pull rather than instructional designer push;
  • Shorter learning interventions require learning objects to be granular enough to be mashed up; as opposed to the conventional approach of being prescriptive, but capable of being mashed down;
  • Our mission is to enable learners to work smarter through the integration of learning and work;
  • Our sweetspot is the combination of analytics, performance management and talent management - but we can't do it all on our own; therefore
  • Stakeholder engagement and open governance are absolutely critical.

Hope that helps 



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