Further to my session at the Learning Technologies Conference, as promised, I attach the two storyboard layouts I used and a copy of the "Tea" example we worked through.


I'd really welcome your candid feedback as to whether this is something you will be trying out and, in the future, if it has proved to work for you. 


If you have any questions or issues, please post them here.


Many thanks



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Thanks for the pdfs Julie. I might use the storyboard style for the next module that I work on.
Hi Julie,

Can you remind me of the storyboard software you use, I've lost the notes I made!


Hi Andy,

You might want to take a look at Learning Score.

It's a new product, aimed at teachers producing lesson plans. But I can see it as being extremely useful in the training sector too.

From their site:

"Learning Score is an alternative take on lesson planning. A multimedia lesson-planning and delivery tool that uses a music score metaphor to show the range of planned activities for a lesson as a graphical time line. Use it for planning, for reflection, or as a upgrade to powerpoint since you can embed any resources you want to use into the visual plan itself.

Whole lessons can be saved with all their resources and annotations for later use and sharing."

You can download a trial copy.


Hi Andrew

I have used Storyboarder Pro and Designers Edge. As I said on Wednesday the down side is that they don't track learner activity. Storyboarder Pro sits ontop of MS Word, which is good, but I think the software is still in the development stage. Let me know how you get on!
Thanks Julie, much appreciated
Hi Mark

Thanks for that I'll check it out too!
Cheers mark, I'll have a look
Thanks for these Julie!

Hi Julie,

You may remember that we spoke immediately after your seminar on Wednesday, I'll be in touch shortly to discuss you delivering the session to a number of my colleagues.

Is it possibkle for you to post the blank template in a Word/PPT format to allow us to type directly into it?

Speak soon

Hi Craig

I've uploaded the Standard blank storyboard basic template and the question template in Word 2007 format that I used in the presentation. Any problems, please let me know.

Let me know how you get on.

Cheers, J.
Hi Julie,

Many thanks for uploading these documents, I appreciate how hard you will have worked in creating them and applaude your willingness to share them. I echo what a number of other attendees have posted in terms of the 'instantly applicable' skills/tools that you descibed during #LT10UK.

I have attended training on several pieces of e-learning authoring software all of which talked about the importance of 'story-boarding' but never expanded any further on the subject, your session last week has removed the shroud of mystery...... THANK YOU!
The storyboards look great for more complex lessons (or should that be more professional?). Perhaps I should have attended your presentation rather than the other stream...
Cheers, Jim:)



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