Further to my session at the Learning Technologies Conference, as promised, I attach the two storyboard layouts I used and a copy of the "Tea" example we worked through.


I'd really welcome your candid feedback as to whether this is something you will be trying out and, in the future, if it has proved to work for you. 


If you have any questions or issues, please post them here.


Many thanks



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Thanks Jim! I'm sure you did the right stream but if you really want to know what I did you can always get the podcast once Don puts them up! J. ;-) Just don't cringe at my jokes!
Hi Julie

Many thanks. I'm hoping to use storyboarding for my next online lesson - I'll be sharing your templates with the team this week and I'm sure the approach will be well received.

Cheers, Kerry
this was one of the most fun and useful sessions of the conference - i came away with something really tangible that i can put into action straight away.
we have a team meeting this friday and i'll show them your storyboards there. i've already spoken to a couple of people and they were very interested in your templates.
and on a slightly different track - i'm very impressed you worked with the animators on who framed roger rabbit...that's one of my all time favourite films!
i remember watching a programme when the film came out showing how they put the cartoons together with the actors - still remember bob hoskins throwing himself over and over again into a load of bin bags, because he'd just been thrown out by the huge cartoon gorilla...and how they animated the club sequence as well with all the cartoon penguins running around serving drinks to humans...your session really brought it home just how exquisitely planned animators have to be and that's something we can definitely all learn from.
Hi Helen

Thanks for the feedback. I have to say at the time I really didn't appreciate just what I was experiencing, but Elstree was a pretty cool place to be and I had a blast. I still love the film too, but most people I know remember Jessica Rabbit more than they do Roger. The best part for me is the opening sequence which is pure animation and so fast. Anyway I'm glad you found it useful! That means I' met my objective. So do let me know how you get on. I could always ask Don if I could do a webinar on it in the coming months if that would help your team? Or you could ask him! bws, J.
Hi Craig, thanks for your comments, you are very kind. In 21 Lessons in June I emphasised the point that Charles Leadbeater made "in the past you were what you owned; now (in the 21 Century) you are what you share", so I am glad that I am living up to the challenge in your eyes. Check out this link if you want to know more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiP79vYsfbo
Hi Julie,

I attended this session at the conference in January and as time has passed since I have realised quite how useful it would have been to have used the storyboarding method for a current project at work!

I will be making a strong case for it for all our future e-learning!

Thanks again.
Glad to hear that you can see the value. Let me know how it goes!

Best wishes

Thanks for putting these up. I missed the conference (and next year looks doubtfull). From what I have seen and read I must have missed a good session.

I'm just in the process of finalising my website and I'll be publishing a whole host of other storyboard templates and related stuff on there in the future. I'll post when it's available.

Kind regards

Thanks for these....they are awesome! It's just a pity that I have not been able to attend the conference.....would have loved to know the story....
I will definitely be making use of these....
Thanks you!
Thank you for the pdfs Julie. Very timely as we are just about to embark on an e-learning frenzy!
If we use them, I will feedback our observations.
Thank you again



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