Hi, I want to bring in the value of storytelling to my company and in a first stage explain the benefits and what to think of. Do anyone have tips on good White papaers that explains the concept and tips & tricks? Thanks! /Lars

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Hi Lars,

If you Google "business storytelling" you'll get a great idea about most of what is out there.  For "harder" business insights you should search the archives of Harvard Business Review - www.hbr.com

If you don't have an account then send me your email address and I'll download and send you some appropriate papers.

There's also a good article on the subject - and some book references at - http://www.fastcocreate.com/1680581/why-storytelling-is-the-ultimat...

You may also want to call a company called The Storytellers http://www.the-storytellers.com/ as they specialise in this area and I know that their website does contain success metrics from various clients.

There are also some useful ideas on YouTube - www.youtube.com - again search for "business storytelling"

And finally - it's worth taking a good look at TED - www.ted.com - as many of the presentations are stories and REALLY show how this approach can work well.

One tip - some of the professional storytelling companies aren't cheap - so be ready to reach for your wallet!

Hope this get you started!


Thank you Jonathan for the many suggestions! I'll check if I can access Harvard Business Review.

BR Lars

Just to concur that Resonate by Nancy Duarte as recommended by Lars Andel is brilliant.  

If you're wanting some more book resources then I'd suggest you take a look at:

  • The power of storytelling by Jim Holtje, and
  • Tell to win by Peter Gruber

They are not as beautifully printed as Nancy's book but both are packed with brilliant examples and are readily available on Amazon.


Thank you Lars and Jonathan for your recommendations!

BR Lars

Hello Lars

There is plenty around on the success of this approach. There is the "Squirrels Inc" book by Denning which is perhaps one of the first examples and still one of the best on the use of story telling to change behaviours in business and organisations. take a look at Ron Donaldson's work in the field of ecology. http://rondon.wordpress.com Plenty of examples there too on applying this in other contexts. Wishing you every success.

Debbie Lawley



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