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Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on how effective it is for study materials to be delivered online rather than through the traditional book?


I remember studying using books and it was always useful to be able to annotate them so that they become more meaningful, personalised and as an aid to revision and recall. Any innovative technologies (apart from pdf) out there that could replicate this?


Of course, the last thing we would want is for learners to feel they need to print out what has been delivered by technology - in which case, you may want to stick to the book!


This perhaps is more of a domain for universities and professional institutes - any innovative universities out there who do this, and what is the reaction of the learner?






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Hi Phil,

I have certainly used the Kindle for annotating books, and all annotations are saved in your account for later reference and obviously synced to all your devices. This facility is available, I believe on all its apps including the web app that is available for all browsers. You also have the option to view others' 'popular annotations' although this feature can also be turned off.

Best, Jonquil

Hi Phil,

We have been providing online materials to people on leadership courses within the UK Police for a few years now. We don't deliver the courses, this is done by the National Police Leadership College. We just supply the online elements which includes support material. On much of this, people are able to add their own notes although we find the number of people who actually do this is quite low.

Cheers, Paul



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