Hi Everyone,


would be interested to hear from the LSG members some success stories on leveraging the concept of gamification in the adult learning area. Sales is one of the business functions I am particularly intersted in but happy to review the cases from other areas as well.


Thank you in advance.


Marcin Skrzek

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Hi Marcin,

about 3 years ago we revitalised our tired project management course by setting all our organisation’s project processes around creating a farm from scratch.  Set over two days we use a game type board to represent the farm with counters for animals and resources.  Working in two teams participants plan what they want to achieve with the farm, the stock, feed and equipment they need to buy.  Using our project documentation they plan the project, set their milestones and even have to make a business case for resources in a Dragon’s Den type meeting.


People love the course, which regularly gets very positive comments not just about enjoying the learning but also about how the learning sticks.  There is a constant waiting list from personal recommendations.

We did this for my previous employer as part of their leadership development program. We identified key areas in which people were expected to complete programs and exercises then used the principles of gamification to create an interactive portal where they could log in and see their progress, as well as where they stood wrt rest of the people in the group. Badges and reward points were used as well as scoreboards. The portal is now public and is quite actively used because it makes learning fun and engaging!

HI Marcin,

I think you will find some great content on the subject of Gamification on Docebo's blog:


Hello Marcin,

Much like everything else, successful gamification is heavily reliant upon both the content and the delivery method.  It's really important to work out what the learning objectives are and who the target audience is.

That being said, gamification offers a huge opportunity to take dry content and make it far more fun and engaging!  With the rise of tools such as Unity 3D, it is possible to create immersive and interactive games to support learning and retention.  

If you would be interested in learning more and seeing some specific gamification success stories, please feel free to get in touch.  

Hi Marcin,

I may be a little late in joining the discussion but would say sales is a particularly appropriate function to try game-based learning. The audience tends to respond well to time-bound, exploratory learning and obviously are happy with the competitive aspect of a leaderboard etc.

Interestingly our most successful game (Brandon Hall winner) was a direct replication of a defined sales process whereas it's been more common to use an analogy in many of the Serious Games we produce. Don't rule out the possibility of branched, conversational simulations too as these are great as performance tool refreshers. 


Will Chadwick

Hi Marcin, 

I used Gamification mechanics for a leadership programme designed to bring new leaders from the front line and into management roles. I designed it to replicate aspects of actual video game mechanics. Each module/topic was a 'level' in the programme which was only unlocked once the group had all completed the current module they were on. 

It was designed to help the group work and collaborate together mainly because the learners we're based all over the UK. Hence why the next level only opened once the whole group had completed the task/learning objectives. The programme was designed in Cisco's WebEx Social product when I worked at Virgin Media. Using Social Learning mixed in with gamification as well as 80% of the training sessions were conducted in virtual classrooms. However depending on where your teams are based will give you an idea of what technology should/could be used.

If you're looking at using gamification for your sales area, you should really consider an achievement system and base it on 'levels' like games such as World of Warcraft or the most recent game to home consoles (Bungie's) 'Destiny', By moving to the next level (A.K.A Leveling up), this could give your learners access to new area's of content and perks. If you can, I'd advise linking some sort of social sharing tool so the learners can share what they've achieved or unlocked, how they did it etc but most importantly it creates competition in the area which typically sales teams love. 

I could talk all day about this, but happy to link up and share idea's. 

Hi Marcin

A bit late spotting this thread but I recently published a paper on "Gamification in E-Learning Design" which briefly outlines some examples of projects we have done using simple Gamification in this area of training design - there is a also a link to some on-line demonstrations (concept only) that might be of interest...





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