Suitability of content for mobile delivery - any checklists, criteria out there?

Hi All

I'd be interested if someone could point me in the direction of a chart or table that helps plot training content against suitability criteria or a checklist for mobile delivery.

It doesn't have to be elaborate but just to get discussions going and ideas flowing for those looking to use mobile as a channel. Preferably Blackberry delivery rather than iPhone/iPad but if the latter are included that is fine.

Many thanks!



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Hi Phil,


You might take a look at the Mobile Learning Infokit produced by JISC InfoNet -


Cheers john

John, many thanks for sharing this.



Hi Phil!

Don't have anything to hand to specifically address your question, but I am still on the hunt for a vendor that can provide a reliable, bug-free, mobile learning system/platform/environment for BlackBerries.  Producing content for Apple devices would appear to be easy, but not so for BlackBerries.  I also need the solution to output to Android and Windows Mobile, as well as Apple and Blackberry devices.

I've currentlty tried out/seen four solutions - all of which work to a degree, but in hands-on testing with our content/requirements fall over due to "bugs".  In their defence, these providers are stuck with the BlackBerry operating system, so I'm in no way criticising their solutions.  Their hands are tied in many respects.  It's just frustrating that the BlackBerry platform has yet to provide a stable environment for both technology developers and content providers.

Working with these vendors, I'm convinced we'll get there, but not yet.  So many of them are headquatered in the States where the development focus seems to be on Apple devices.  I still have other vendors to evaluate, so am quietly hopeful that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but I remain sceptical of some claims from vendors that content can be pushed to all device types....AND....deliver the same learning experience regardless of device-type.

I've found my content decisions and designs are being constrained by these technology issues, which really shouldn't be the case.


Hi Tim, thanks for your thoughts. Have you looked at Intuition, I think they are Dublin HQ'd.





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