Hi all,
do you have a recommendation for someone teaching search engine optimization - ideally by webinar? We have a group of technical writers with a basic understanding of search engine optimization who would like to improve their skills to optimize the company webpage. Our business is in the biotec/pharma area; the headquarter is Germany based but the international webpage is in English.
Thanks a lot for your recommendations!

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Hi Kerstin
Biotec/pharma is a competitive niche, to start with you'll need to be very careful with the keywords you choose/use to build ranking on the search engines. Start reading www.webmasterworld.com, www.seomoz.org. Www.bruceclay.com is a good seo company - USA , italy based, www.distilled.net is also good - UK based. I took training from bruceclay and found it worthwhile. For heads up on seo you can find my paper by googling for - vaniaul Vistas Journal

Hope it helps, all the best!

Thanks Vani, will start with your publication! Best regards, Kerstin



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