Hi Folks,

My organisation is extremely regulated and as such needs to deliver (and record) a MASSIVE amount of compliance training.

I am attempting to utilise technology as far as I can to assist the administration processes involved such a large amount of delivery, which leads me to asking...

does anybody have any experience/recommendations in the type of technology/software which could send text messages to learners mobiles/home numbers should an event be cancelled/venue change etc?

As we operate on a 5 x shift rota it is very time consuming to phone people at home to inform them of the changes, therefore any technology that you could recommend would be greatly received



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Hi Craig, we use a company called Global messaging.co.uk. It does the job and is cost effective and easy to use. It can also work from excel so you dont have to type in numbers manually.

Hope thats useful.

Kind Regards
Karen Raw
Hi Karen,

Thanks for your response.

Are you able to host the service 'internally'?

I imagine that given the nature of my organisation that we would want to ensure the contact numbers are kept within our firewall for security purposes.

I'll have a look at Global Messaging and let you know how I get o.



My company uses email communication only with employees for our compliance training.
Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your response.

We too utilise email for the vast majority of our comms to our learners, but the only drawback is that we operate a 5 x shift rota. This means that if an event is cancelled whilst the learner is 'off shift' that an email is insufficient due to the fact that they are not in work to receive it!

Hence the need for a simple, automated comms tool to reach them whilst they are at home.

A supplier which is getting talked about in Yorkshire is http://www.smilessms.com/ I've not used them myself but they got good press round here when we had bad problems with snow causing school closures. Best regards Glynn Jung
I would recommend http://www.eventelephant.com/
It is an event planning tool, but the event can be a meeting, or training session, and it includes a reminder element.
Hi Craig.

I would thoroughly recommend using xlearn for SMS services as it is very reasonably priced (£25 for an account) and allows you to create bulk texts as you describe. It is also a super way to use as a response tool in the classroom (or out of the classroom) as the learners can reply back using a prefix word.

Lilian Soon of xlearn.co.uk can give you even more advice and ways to use SMS with learners can be found at LSN MoleTECH website.



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