The challenge: make systems training engaging and utilise social learning media effectively...

Hi all,


I am currently scoping out a project which will involve an element of new systems training. My challenge is to create some engaging training materials- I want to move away from the traditional face to face sessions and screen shot heavy reference guides. I also want to promote social learning-  a platform for learners to share information, give feedback on the training and (later) identify 'experts'- I'd also like to create a sense of excitement as this system will bring real benefits although the target population will be new to using a social media approach to learning.


I'd love to hear from anyone in the LSG community who has experience of delivering a similar kind of training and/or has had success in using social learning to support formal training.


Thanks in advance



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Hi Emma,

Great to see that you want to utilise a wider variety of media to help engage your learners and it couldn't apply in a better area than systems training - let's face it it's not the sexiest subject :)

In terms of social learning and finding the right blend, we've just produced a green paper which you'll probably find helpful; it's a new approach to a blended learning model that's more in tune with how people learn today. You can download a copy here:

One tip, (especially if you're training a dispersed group of people), is to use mobile technology for top-ups, and if you're supporting this alongside other more established training methods, it doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming to the audience.

I wish you all the best with your project, and hope that you find the perfect blend


Hi Emma - I found Bob Mosher's presentation at the Conference had a great section on designing content that would work effectively as informal learning/ performance support/ collaboration interventions. He broke it down into

* Summary of the steps involved
* "Planners" - summary of what's involved in each step;
* Detail - additional resources
I hadn't seen it done this way before and it seemed remarkably logical to me! Good luck.




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