Hi all,

I'm fascinated by the resent discussions about the future of learning as shown in the graphic below. (graphic stolen form Webinar 'Learning's dirty little secret' which in turn was stolen from this excellent article: https://joshbersin.com/2017/03/the-disruption-of-digital-learning-t... While I see so much of this happening and would like pull my company towards the future (or even the present in some cases) I'm curious about how companies are transitioning away from mandatory training and how the LMS is fading into the background. Obviously compliance training will always be mandatory but our (software) company also maintains an intense set of product certification mapped to job titles in a complicated way. It's obvious that in many cases this is a 'check box' exercise, whilst in other areas product knowledge is key to being able to do the job. So while it does add some value in these cases it is still administrated in a highly unpalatable way. 

Does anyone know how other tech companies are dealing with these trends? How do we provide employees with what they need while not ramming it down their throats and forcing them to learn in a set way?

Please recommend any related articles and share your thoughts here. It is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Aimee,

How about using the LMS to handle the certification (ie. the assessment), and provide searchable resources outside of the LMS for people to use as they need in order to complete the assessment and for further reference?




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