Folks at the new company I have recently joined are in the process of researching LCMSs. I am looking for any support documentation outlining the features and functions of an LCMS versus an LMS. Has anyone taken the time to produce a checklist of sorts for either or both? Or, would you care to share what you learned in drafting your RFP for vendors? Much appreciated. MK

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Hi Margaret, I work for Cornerstone OnDemand and would be more than keen to explain our perspective on what the key differences are between an LCMS and an LMS, if it helps ?




Mark Butler

07725 039851

Thank you Mark.  We're in teh US.  Perhaps we could plan a skype session sometime?



Here's a research paper we did on Learning Content Management a few years ago which you might find useful. We also have a lot of detailed information on functional frameworks and selection process which we use to support advisory projects. Hope the paper is helpful.



David Wilson

Elearnity -

Much appreciated David. I'll take a look. '-)



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