I was recently asked to speak to a company in the States about implementing eLearning and our experiences and lessons learnt. During the conversation the lady I was talking to asked me this: What are the top 3 warnings you'd give about starting off with eLearning.

Here are mine to get us started off.

1. Don't believe eLearning is the panacea to all your learning needs.
2. Just because the tools say Rapid, doesn't mean it's quick.
3. Proper assessment of effectiveness of eLearning is harder, not easier.

The views expressed in this post are my own, with my own reasoning and justification and in no way represent the views, intentions, justifications or opinions of the company I work for.

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My quick 3...

1. Don't expect to win everyone over, Not everyone likes it and it doesn't suit everyone's learning style
2. Don't underestimate the amount of support learners need
3. It is not completely different to other forms of learning, most of the 'normal training/learning rules' still apply.



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