I'm doing some research about what new equipment we can buy to re-furbish the training rooms in our organisation. Hence would love to hear your feedback about any new training/meeting related equipment you are using, or would like to use, in your training rooms.

We already have some of the basic stuff like overhead projectors, flip chart boards, etc. However what I'm looking for is a wishlist of new and effective equipments to use on training rooms.

Thanks in advance.

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i'd like to piggy-back this question please, if any one has any ideas about a creative learning zone. i want to revamp our learning area, but the usual business principle is to have little more than another meeting room - possibly with an extra flipchart in there. i'd like to know if people have any ideas on creative learning spaces - what colours help learning, bean bags or chairs or stools, break out tables or board room etc.



Hi Susith,


Hope all ok..


Just on a different tack - we had a requirement for a room in our training academy that could double up as an IT training room as well as a 'normal' training/meeting room - without having to leave all of the IT kit out and on show. So we had some multi purpose desks manufactured which have an inbuilt compartment to hold a monitor, keyboard and mouse - so at the click of a button we can transform a standard training/meeting room format into an IT room. Just a thought if you are tight for room or have a need for multi functional classroom training...




Hi Ian,

Thanks for your reply. We do have something like that in mind:  where you can fold the PC screens in to the desk, so you're left with a room of regular desks - ready for a soft skills session, etc.


However I'm now going to ask you what could be a stupid question... when you said "at the click of a button", did you literally mean click of a button? If so can you give me the contact of the manufacturers you used?  I think what we are currently only looking at desks which has to be altered manually to switch between PC and non PC desks.





Hi Susith,


That's not a stupid question at all..


There's basically a collar on each desk (set just above where your legs go under the desk) that you pull and the top of the desk automatically opens up with your monitor, keyboard and mouse appearing ready for you to use.


Have a look at the following link: http://www.saville.co.uk/avproducts/eyetech.htm - this is pretty much the desk we purchased (both the IT & Teachers desks). Please give me shout if you want any further information.






Hi Susith,


have you heard of a Visualizer or a doc cam before? Than you could get rid of the traditional stuff like flipcharts and white boards with its limitations and offer the presenter and the audience a flexible tool.


Of course a lot of content is delivered in digital forms nowadays, but the Visualizer would offer certain flexibility without compromising the quality of the presentation and the convenience for the presenter and the audience.


Check out this article at Wikipedia for more information:







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