Transiting to technology enabled learning in the Public Sector

Change has never come easy in the Public Sector, even though it is forever changing.

I have found that transiting to technology enabled learning in my NHS Trust is more about changing hearts and minds - I have had to brush up on my Change Management skills.

Chaning an organisation's learning culture is not a walk in the park, but when you simply do not have the time nor the resources to manage the change effectively, what do you do? Do you simply revert to old ways or find the strength to move forwards?

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Hi Blessing,

I (unfortunately) have had a few opportunities to share your pain specifically in the NHS and public sector - and what I think I've accepted is that its always about the adoption curve: you have your early adopters who will try anything because of the novelty factor (they will also be the first to leave if it doesn't deliver) the one who will move over when it makes sense and the one that will never move over (or will move and moan constantly).

One of the systems I had the pleasure of working on is here:  and another project delivered training where the other option was NO training because those who had the knowledge didn't have the time to train:

You can make things easier by identifying pain points and not forcing things which are closer to your own ideals: in one project I'm involved in we found out that interactive PDFs were what the users needed and not full elearning packages (previously I though of the interactive PDFs as 'less than learning' but - if that hits the spot...). 

Another point (which is always important) is delivering real value: if the users feel you are giving them something that they need and did not have before it will make the change easier. A very good example of this is the use of personal connected devices to support users at the point of need - no longer do they need to go to the desk to fill in a form. Imagine take a picture of a symptom or workplace hazard for immediate reporting - everybody benefits. The MoLE project: is an interesting example of this (and has some research around it). In fact mobile health is a very quickly growing field.

I hope this helps, there are loads of other ways you can support the change with a technological solution - happy to exchange some ideas.

Good luck,


I am most grateful for your response. I will look into the links you have sent me. Thanks Asi. I am not farmiliar with interactive PDF's, please can you point me in the direction of one?



Hi Blessing

You didn't say whether you are introducing TEL for compliance training (Information Governance, Health & Safety, Fire etc) or for other training.

If it's for compliance using the reporting from OLM and sending reports on completion up to senior managers is what you will need to do. It really helps if you can ask them first to say very positive things about how important completing training is (work with your Comms team). This is really no different to getting completion for classroom sessions - if it's compulsory and it's clearly being monitored, that's the driver.

For other offerings, think about using blended learning. Talk to the current trainers about having online knowledge pre-course activities before their sessions, with tests (and using discussion on the day to explore beyond the basic information). Offer to talk to your Local Faculty Group about what resources you have available. 

Provide lots of opportunity for user feedback and look carefully for the barriers - bad IT (old browsers, lack of plug-ins needed, unavailable computers) and management attitude problems (not scheduling any time for staff to complete the training). These things can really turn off your learners and if they are occurring it may be very difficult for them to get them fixed (or for the IT issues, fixed quickly) if each learner is trying to sort the issue individually.

I hope these suggestions help - good luck




Hi Barbara, thanks for your response. I am introducing TEL for all learning, so incluidng Compliance training.

All the points you have mentioned are spot on! We tried OLM but our system set up isnt very OLM friendly and issueing SMART cards to all staff is not an option, we have Moodle now. Reporting on Moodle isnt very user friendly, so I am investigating how to improve this with a plug in - so that as you say, Managers can manage their staff's learning. I agree this is key because at present, it is a vital missing element in my project.

Any pointers on a free reporting plugin for Moodle?





Hi Blessing

The best free reporting plug-ins for Moodle I've found are those from the OU available from - see 

You may need to brush up on SQL a bit, but there is contributed code for the Ad-hoc Database Queries plug-in.

Also worth considering is setting a test using a quiz for your course, as Moodle will let you download all the attempts to an Excel spreadsheet in a couple of clicks.


Kind regards





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