Twitter is for old people - 15 year old work experience whiz-kid tells bankers

An interesting article about how teenagers view digital world, that has generated a fair amount of discussion and reaction around. So I am interested to see what the thoughts of the group are in terms of what it says to you. The link takes you to the actual report this 15 year old wrote for Morgan Stanley, but you can also search for Matthew Robson and you'll get a fair number of results.

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Amid all the predictable 'the yoof are taking over the world' stuff, my favourite response so far is from the Guardian which points out that Matthew Robson's views aren't necessarily representative of how most teenagers use the net.
I'd agree with quite a few of the statements in this article, having 3 teenagers in the household I can see where this young lad is coming from. Although his statements are very black and white, you really have to read between the lines to undertand how he came to these conclusions. It's not that teenagers don't do these things. It's often the case that they do them for a short while, lose interest, move on to something else then come back. They grudge paying for what they can get free elsewhere and have a great time social networking. I can see why twitter for example doesn't hold appeal (a) you need an enabled mobile phone or internet (b) they are usually short messages similar to texts. Unless they are looking to reach a wide audience then texting is cheaper, easier and more interactive.

When it comes to CD's yes I'd agree.. I can't remember the last time I bought a CD myself or when any of the teenagers I know did either. Internet downloads are popular, cheaper and often free.

Television for instance, again yes I'd agree. Teenagers watch a series then when it's finished move to the console gaming or Internet for entertainment until something more interesting comes their way.

So that's my thoughts... in conclusion.. don't beleive everything in there but as a general guide it's relatively accurate.
The backlash continues in "more of a genius marketing move than breakthrough analysis".
There's an awful lot of black and white statements in there, considering it is based on only one person's point of view. 'Many teenagers use YouTube to watch videos (usually anime which cannot be watched anywhere else)' and 'most teenagers have never bought a CD' are both very misleading comments! That makes me very nervous about the rest of the article.

Perhaps it's just the researcher in me.

Also intrigued that 'hard copy' now seems to mean a computer file, rather than a CD...



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