Unconscious Bias training and Inclusive leadership training


Having run some workshops to help raise awareness of unconscious bias led by Dr Pete Jones, I’m looking to identify a range of options for unconscious bias training (as opposed to awareness raising) and the somewhat related theme of “Inclusive Leadership”.

Does anyone have recommendations for learning providers who specialise in these themes or contacts for pockets of best practice in the commercial world? (I’ve heard great things about PWC’s “Open Mind” programme and CMS’ ”Diversity and inclusion: ethical leadership” e-learning for instance)

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I would highly recommend Jonathan Forest of Fast Track Learning who has delivered a variety of management development programmes with their central themes being "Mindset/Playing from a 10" p and Authentic Leadership training programmes. www.ftlearning.com

He also authored the book "Keep Calm and Carry On"


In addition, Mark Doyle from "The Method" is worth a look.  Mark has a different and highly effective approach to effecting change in people whatever the programme. www.the-method.com


Hope this helps


Hi Jennifer

Thanks very much for both suggestions. I'll look into them.



Hi Trevor.

I've just come out of a meeting with Enact Solutions. They do some nice things with Unconscious Bias training.





Thanks for the tip Chris, much appreciated.


Hi Trevor,

Facebook have just released their unconscious bias training to the world. It's a pretty good starting point and offers up to date stats plus downloadable exercises.


Hope this helps


Yep agree with Kerry, it may not meet your wider curriculum aspirations Trevor, but definitely a good starting point and we're happy to direct a number of our leaders to the facebook pages to raise awareness and trigger deeper thinking /actions in our employee populations.


How are your leaders reacting to the facebook training messages? Any calls for something more organisational specific? Do you think it will start triggering the deeper thinking/actions in your employee populations?

Thanks Kerry,

I'm alternating between watching and listening to their presentations as I work on other things and I am impressed (shocked) at some of the stats they share from studies they have unearthed. Not quite what I'm looking for but as you say a good starting point and source material to feed into a broader mix.

I worked with a consultancy called Pearn Kandola for the deep thinking, insights & content themes which we (along with Brightwave) then turned into scripted drama including expert commentary, fact sheets and PPT decks. Here is a YouTube snippet from Pearn Kandola to see how they dissect the unconscious bias subject


This is notoriously a tough subject to tackle and many commentators in this space suggest the bigger umbrella of D&I training in fact alienates than a positive experience.  I'm happy to share some insights with you but also spoke about this at Learning Technologies last year if that helps.

Thanks for the link and the offer of further discussions Barbara. Do you happen to have a link to your LT presentation from last year?

Apologies for not being able to see this sooner!

I can highly recommend Righttrack Consultancy's Unconscious Bias training. As someone who has completed this training session myself, it was fantastic. They have a bespoke option available, so if you did need a training session based on best practice in the commercial world, they are the place to go to.

Here they are if you want to take a quick look: https://www.righttrackconsultancy.co.uk/unconscious-bias-training/

Apologies once again, only just came across this!



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