I've decided I hate doing this, but as most of you don't follow me on Twitter (@andyjones1302), hint hint...  


I recently had an unexpected source of learning inspiration that I've just blogged about.  It's a story of missionaries in the Kerio Valley in Kenya.  It's about how they effected (or is it affected, I never can work that one out) massive behavioural change in a very poor community.


Hopefully it's worth a read.  Have a look here:




Please give your thoughts and add to the list of ideas at the end.

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Hi Andy,


Firstly, this is a totally BRILLIANT blog post!  In the ever-connected-always-on-24-7-365(6) world you have identified some real non-technology led learning points.


For me, the learning was:

  • change (learning) can only come about when there is a need; this creates interest and desire
  • leading rather than telling
  • showing rather than courses or classrooms
  • real world issues rather than non-applicable examples
  • slow but with determination
  • real end goals in mind
  • focus on the need of the learner, not on self-promotion
  • demonstrating benefits all the way
  • social learning with the emphasis on social
  • and perhaps most telling; the total lack of Twitter/Facebook/Ning/Yammer et al.

It just goes to show what determination and the right attitude can achieve.  Thanks so much for sharing these insights.


All the best.





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