Hi all,


Currently we are seeing the vast majority of our learning uptake is through direct invitation and communication (i.e. links in emails etc) and not through curious investigation from the learner. There are a couple of key factors driving this:


i. A large number of our associates are still unaware of what our corporate university can provide for them


ii. The experience of using our LMS is not an engaging one. it is not very intuitive, very system based and not easy to find relevant learning.


As a result we are looking to develop a corporate university portal which will provide a more engaging experience for  learners. The vision is to deliver a consolidated, professional and engaging interface to all the learning available through our LMS.


I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has experience of a similar initiative within their organisation to understand the approach taken and to see some examples of what has been delivered.


Many thanks in anticipation of your responses.




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We have been doing some specific analyst research on exactly this issue/strategy - i.e. learning portals ehancing the user experience of transactional LMS systems. Would be very interested to discuss what you are doing and share experirences from other orgs. Happy to post back some outputs here after.


Please email me to discuss further, (davidw@elearnity.com)


Regards, DAVID



Nick - we've been looking at this as have some of the same concerns. We have over 9,000 active courses managed by various businesss units with verying consistency so we have difficulties in highlighting the right courses or making sure employees are aware of the resources they have available.

We've been looking at ways to engage using the company intranet or sites that employees are automatically logged into every morning. We are looking at ideas such as including highlighting the top 10 courses on the company intranet for example or integrating the search for courses on our intranet so learning results come up amongst everything else. We're also looking at  opportunities to be more involved in the onboarding process for employees and flagging learning as an advantage to working here. The other big question for us of course is the integration of informal opportunities which don't sit in the LMS. I'm very interested in ideas other companies are finding work well.

Hi Nick 


I was involved in leading the type of project you describe to develop a learning portal in sharepoint as an interface for an existing LMS. This was for a large corporate business while I was working in their L&D team last year.


Happy to share my experiences in developing and delivering the project with you - just drop me a line at rich.dew@btinternet.com.


Kind regards,



We've done this within the limits we've been set. We're building portals relevant to each business unit where courses are linked to job roles and capabilities (our LMS doesn't do this).  The user then gets lists of courses that are mandatory and recommended for their role. When they select one, they get an information page that includes an 'enrol' button. That button deep links into the LMS, to the enrolment page for the course. However since we don't have single sign on, they still have to log into the LMS. The benefit is that when they do that they go direct to the course page in the LMS rather than having to search for it.


Everything up to the point of the LMS itself is a database-driven application we've built ourselves in ASP/HTML. The benefits are (a) local branding and non-course resources (b) local control of the roles/capabilities/courses content (c) protecting the user from the clunkiest aspects of the LMS.  With single signon or the ability to customise the LMS it would be a lot better but we're happy this has been a significant improvement.


If you want to talk about it email norman.lamont 'at' lloydstsb.co.uk

Hi Nick


We're working on a project at the moment to utilise SharePoint as a learning portal to address some of the same concerns we had about the limitations of our LMS. If it would be useful I'd be happy to set up a call with you to discuss some of the new functionality we're bringing in to make our content for easily searchable and socialise our learning experience.


Kind regards



Hi Iain,


Many thanks for your response.


I would be very interested to hear more about the Sharepoint project. Please feel free to email me on nick.denholm@effem.com to arrange a call.


Best Regards




Looks like this is quite the hot topic!

We're looking at doing something similar, except we're considering using Adobe connect to host most of the online media content, as it runs more smoothly than the content on the LMS and just using the LMS for the compliance courses which need to be tracked more closely.

I'd be very interested to hear more because I'm not really sure where to start.






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