Next year I'm working on a project that wants to use iPads in their workshop/classroom events. Last year they used iPads to have copies of material that was being shared by the facilitator at the front. Next year we want it to add more value and enhance the learning experience for the attendees.

Does anyone have any experience of using iPads, or any mobile device for that matter, in their classroom events? I'm really eager to hear what's been tried and tested, good and bad!!
Perhaps you know someone else who's done this that I can speak to?

Also really open to hear any ideas that you have and haven't had an opportunity to try yet.

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Hi Marie

Perhaps the most obvious use, and the one I've had most experience with, is polls/quick feedback.  However, most approaches there could just use mobiles rather than tablets.

The larger form factor could be used for collaborative note taking and/or sharing around the activities, but then you are into the kind of approaches you could use laptops for.

There are some other groups that might be a useful source of information, for example:


It might be worth attending BETT too as a lot of the vendors there demo iPad related classroom resources (albeit mostly school related) for inspiration.

Good luck


Hi Ian, thanks for your response!  I've done a bit of further investigating on this and we've found some vendors that specialise in 'ipads for events'. Each one has a slightly different solution and all look really good. We're going to get them in to present in a few weeks.

I will be at the Bett show on the Friday. Not been before and hoping to see some great things!



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