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Does anyone have experience of using Twitter for learning and any examples of sucess or lessons learnt of this in the worplace? Or if you are aware of any good studies of this topic?

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Sinead, you might be interested in my short "tutorial" How to use Social Media for Social Learning - it's been quite popular as it provides some examples, and also a big reading list.http://sociallearningcentre.co.uk/activities/how-to-use-twitter-for...

I work for a professional body. We've done a couple of tweetchats, which have been pretty successful. They've run for about an hour. After each chat we've written a summary for our website. Next time we plan to 'storify' our chats.

Hi Nina, can you explain what you man by "storify" the chats?




Hi Phil,

Storify.com is a curation tool that allows one to collect together all types of content (including tweets) into what they term 'stories' thereby archiving all the online activity/video/image resources etc around an event.

Hope that helps,


An example - I've seen individuals use it when they are out at conferences. They tweet back key points made to their colleagues in the office. In theory it spreads knowledge at lower cost but of course the key is to make it effective - engaging, easy to follow, interactive, etc.all those good things.

I tried to use it from a conference but found there was minimal take up back in the office - this may have been because those not registered with Twitter didn't want to take the time to register to follow my tweets :-( 



As per Phil's example, I recently attended a conference and found that as a tool for further engagement that Twitter was very useful.

My thoughts and observations that I tweeted about formed the backbone of my review (blog-post) and I also took advantage of this by embedding the actual tweets within the write-up.


Hi Sinead, I've experimented with Twitter as part of a blended approach to Mgt development programmes. In combination with a Monthly newsletter, we used a Twitter feed and hashtags related to the specifc points covered in the face to face workshops e.g. leadershp, engagement etc Take up was pretty low, but the dozen or so who 'followed' (it was closed group) found it a useful extension of the learning. It also helped us drip-feed additional useful content e.g. Harvard articles, relevant to the group. Some of which formed the basis for future newsletters etc.


UCISA are running an event on Using Social Media for Training that might be of interest:  

UCISA Using Social Media for Training, University of Salford, MediaCityUK, 18th April 2012 - http://t.co/jHmpzV5V

Very useful if delivering leadership courses - get students to follow leaders/high profile folk and comment etc




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