We're looking at delivering an online assessment remotely and the main challenge appears to be verifying the identity of the user.  We wouldn't want to go down the biometrics route and think that some kind of web proctoring may be the easiest way forward. 


Does anyone have any experience of online identity checking that they can share?


Many thanks.

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I would start the discussion by asking the question why rather than how! I've run many assessments and I always position them by saying that doing them is analogous to playing patience - if you cheat the only person impacted is you!


The point of an assessment is to identify opportunities for performance improvement; and if people miss out on capability development whilst others grab it, then they're ones who lose out. 


Of course, if the objective of the assessment is to determine who to release in the event of downsizing, then verifying identity would be an issue. But, if that's the objective, less intrusive methods of assessment may well be in order.


To conclude - I recommend you do a careful analysis of the costs of verifying identity versus the value-add it will deliver.


Thanks - I do appreciate the cost/benefit analysis but the assessment will be part of the road to professional registration so identity-checking does need to be as watertight as possible.  We do take your stance with regard to completion of cpd modules but this has to be different.


With best wishes.



Dear David


Thank you for your response.  The information is interesting and will be useful for future work.  The assessment that we will be delivering online is part of a professional registration process so we do need some form of identity-checking.  We're thinking of a web-proctoring approach - would you be able to help?


With best wishes





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